A Few Good Reasons to Smile!

It’s Friday and that’s a good reason to smile! Here are a few more . . .

A genuine smile increases the production of serotonin, the happy hormone.

Smiling builds bridges to other people around us. It keeps us from remaining aloof and separate from one another. Babies as young as three weeks old even recognize smiling as a bonding behavior.

One smile uses more than 16 muscles.

Come into Live Oak Pharmacy to get a smile, they’re free and available every time you walk in the door!


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Tomorrow is International Homeless Animals’ Day

What better way to celebrate than to adopt a new member of the family! Studies show that people who own pets are healthier! Pet owners have greater self-esteem, are more physically fit, less lonely, more conscientious, more extroverted and tend to be less fearful!

There are plenty of places in Austin that offer adoption services.

Animal Trustees of Austin
Town Lake Animal Shelter
Austin Humane Society

This is also the perfect time to think about microchipping your pet if you haven’t done so. Talk to our friends over at Austin Urban Vet Center to learn more about microchipping! And don’t forget to get your four legged friend a snazzy Red Dingo pet identification charm!


Live Oak Pharmacy is Austin’s Pharmacy. We’re also Austin’s pet friendly pharmacy located in downtown Austin. Come in with your four legged friend today and see how we’re different! We’re located at 1611 W 5th Street just two blocks east of MoPac.

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School’s Starting! Watch your baby’s back!

Being back in school can be a pain for your kids–if you’re not watching their backs. A typical elementary school student hauls between 10 and 20 pounds in books, lunch, and other school supplies in their backpacks. While most kids can handle the weight, about one in 10 complain of back pain. And although it may not cause long-term back problems, many children have to curtail their usual activity or take pain medication.
Here’s some tips to prevent back pain in kids:

  • Encourage kids to carry only what they need. A filled pack should weigh no more than 30 percent of your child’s weight.
  • Tell kids to wear a backpack as close to their bodies as possible. Recommend that they use both shoulder straps and the pelvic strap.
  • Instruct kids to switch the pack between both shoulders, if you know they won’t use both straps. For example: Carry the pack on the right shoulder one day and on the left shoulder the next day.
  • Distribute the weight as evenly as possible. This will ensure a balanced load.
  • Buy a pack with padded shoulder straps. Some also come with padding in the back.

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Live Oak Pharmacy is Austin’s Pharmacy and we care about your kid’s health and wellness too! Children aren’t little people, they have their own special health and wellness needs. Talk to our pharmacist today about your kids! Live Oak Pharmacy is located at 1611 W 5th Street (just 2 blocks east of MoPac) with plenty of free parking located behind the store!

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A healthy way to reduce stress

Too much stress is bad for you. Often, a simple attitude adjustment is enough to keep stress in check. And one of the most overlooked attitudes is the attitude of gratitude. If we change our perceptions and reactions to stress-causing events and people, we can live a more serene life. Here are some tips on adopting the attitude of gratitude:


  1. Make a list of people, things, and events for which you’re thankful. This can include family, friends, gifts, jobs, vacation, professional accomplishments, etc.
  2. Make a list of why you’re grateful for each of those people, things, and events.
  3. Determine ways in which you can identify more of those people or create more of those situations in your life.
  4. Find ways to acknowledge and show your gratitude. They can include an e-mail, a note of thanks, a visit, a card, etc.
  5. Increase your awareness of common events for which you are grateful, from a sunset to the completion of a minor task or chore.
  6. Be grateful to yourself. If you catch yourself being harder on yourself than others, stop and reframe into the positive.

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Reducing stress when it comes to prescriptions just got easier at Live Oak Pharmacy! You can know download our iPhone App for your phone to refill your prescriptions! Or feel free to give us a call at 512-476-TXRx (8979)

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U.S.’ most-prescribed meds

Here’s a list from the Institute of Healthcare Informatics of the 10 most-prescribed medications in the U.S. in 2010. If you have questions about your medications – there’s no better person than your pharmacist to answer your questions. Come in to Live Oak Pharmacy today to learn more how our pharmacist works with you and your prescriber to make sure you’re getting the right medication for your health & wellness.

  • Hydrocodone (combined with acetaminophen): 131.2 million prescriptions
  • Simvastatin (brand name Zocor), a cholesterol-lowering medication: 94.1 million prescriptions
  • Lisinopril (brand names Prinivil, Zestril), a blood pressure drug: 87.4 million prescriptions
  • Levothyroxine (brand name Synthroid), used to treat hypothyroidism: 70.5 million prescriptions
  • Amlodipine besylate (brand name Norvasc), treating angina and high blood pressure: 57.2 million prescriptions
  • Omeprazole (brand name Prilosec), an antacid: 53.4 million prescriptions (excludes OTC sales)
  • Azithromycin (brand names Z-Pak and Zithromax), an antibiotic: 52.6 million prescriptions
  • Amoxicillin, an antibiotic: 52.3 million prescriptions
  • Metformin (brand name Glucophage), treating diabetes: 48.3 million prescriptions
  • Hydrochlorothiazide, for treating high blood pressure: 47.8 million prescriptions


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Live Oak Pharmacy is Austin’s Downtown Pharmacy. Here you’re more than a prescription or an ailment. Your a person and we work with you to achieve your best health & wellness possible! Come in today and see the difference it makes when you have a pharmacist on your health care team! We’re located at 1611 W 5th Street just 2 blocks east of MoPac.

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Easy stress reducers for family life

Most parents can predict the times that their stress levels are high when they’re at home. That’s good, because the key to relieving stress is being aware of your most stressful times, and making some changes to how you deal with tension. One way Live Oak Pharmacy can help you reduce stress is by downloading the new iPhone RxLocal Mobile App and of course you can still request refills by calling and speaking to one of our friendly team members!

The following are the three most common stress times of the day and suggestions for easing the pressure:

1. Morning:

  • Get to bed and get up earlier
  • Rise early, avoid pressure to get out the door fast
  • Get ready before waking others
  • Have children make their own lunches
  • Take time for breakfast
  • Set clocks ahead
  • Reward yourself for arriving at work on time

2. Dinner Time:

  • Prepare nutritious snacks
  • Arrange time after work to listen about a child’s day
  • Share household chores
  • Allow child to choose and help prepare meal
  • Coordinate meal preparation and homework time
  • Ensure that every family member is present at the dinner table, and that all are heard
  • Share clean-up of dishes and house
  • Leave time for emergencies
  • Make next day’s lunches

3. Clean-up and Bedtime:

  • Stick with an agreed TV cutoff time
  • Schedule routine tasks (homework, clean-up)
  • Do a few maintenance chores daily (bills, dusting)
  • Plan what to wear tomorrow
  • Develop (self-managed) routines for bedtime
  • Practice rest-time if children can’t sleep
Reducing stress when it comes to prescriptions just got easier at Live Oak Pharmacy! You can know download our iPhone App for your phone to refill your prescriptions!

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Snoring: more than just an irritating habit

Although, in most cases, snoring does little more harm than annoying a bed partner, it can actually be much more than a nuisance. People who snore could show signs of a serious condition called sleep apnea.

People with serious sleep apnea stop breathing frequently during their sleep and wake up momentarily. And the most common of the sleep apneas can cause strokes. Apnea can also contribute to daytime drowsiness, a factor that might cause accidents and reduced quality of life.

To cut down on snoring and create a better night’s rest for you (and your partner), try these techniques:

  1. Lose weight. Medical experts say sleep apnea and snoring is on the rise because Americans in general are gaining more weight.
  2. Sleep on your side or your stomach. A trick: Sew a pocket onto the back of your pajama top or T-shirt and put in it an object that will make you feel uncomfortable if you lie on it.
  3. Don’t drink alcohol for several hours before bed.
  4. Avoid sleep-inducing drugs and relaxants.
  5. Talk to our pharmacist about using nasal strips to open up the nasal passages or a homeopathic remedy.
If you have questions about your medications, come in and talk to our pharmacist today! Live Oak Pharmacy is Austin’s pharmacy and we are here to help and answer your question! Stop in today and find out why readers of the Austin Chronicle voted us Best New Local Business!


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